Privacy Policy

Last update: June 17, 2022

Your privacy is important to us. SwarmBot only collects and stores information that is necessary to provide its services and discards it as soon as it is no longer needed.

We do not share any personal information or Discord server information obtained through the operation of the service with third-party services.

The website and bot have no sort of analytics programs or scripts implemented. However, we may keep their access and usage log for a certain period to prevent abuse and for debugging purposes.

Collected Information

The bot automatically collets and stores the following information and associates with the user at the time of logging in to the website:

  • User ID
  • User name and tag
  • User avatar
  • List of Discord servers that the user has joined with the following information each:
    • Server ID
    • Server name
    • Server icon
    • Whether the bot is joined to the server

The bot automatically collets and stores the following information and associates with the server invited at the time of being invited to a Discord server:

  • Server ID
  • Default fallback language
    • Obtained from the Accept-Language header provided by the inviter's browser
    • Defaults to English if the language isn't supported

All other information not listed above is stored or updated upon the user's input through bot command or web dashboard.

Removal of Information

Information associated with a user logged in is automatically deleted 24 hours after the user's last visit to the website.

Information associated with a server is automatically deleted when the bot is kicked or banned from the server. In this case, some information such as channels may remain as cache for a certain period of time.

The information is retrieved and stored again when the user logs into the website or when the bot is invited back to the server.

There are technical limitations to these automatic removals that cannot be fixed or avoided. In such cases, the automatic removal may not function properly. The events include, but are not limited to:

  • Downtime of the bot due to maintenance
  • Technical issues at our hosting provider or Discord API


For any questions or requests regarding your information stored, you may contact the developer from the official support server.