New SwarmBot, new design!

Today, I'm finally be able to unveiled SwarmBot's new website with a completely new design! It also comes with a major overhaul to its backend architecture, allowing SwarmBot to be configured more flexible than ever before.

New per-channel server configuration

New server settings page

The new server settings page is divided into options that affect the entire server, such as fallback language, and options specific to each channel, such as whether party management is enabled or not in that channel.

Unlike previous settings page which you just pick a list of channels that you want to enable party management, the new version allows us to do more granular configuration on per-channel basis, like setting different initial capacity for each party channel.

Other than that, here are some of the things you can now do with the new SwarmBot:

Auto-assign role to members

Role assign settings

You can make SwarmBot to automatically assign existing roles on the server or dynamically generated roles to party members on the fly. Dynamically generated roles can have either no color, random color, or custom colors of your choice.

For channels where the party type is set to instant, the instant party channel created can also be set to private.

Keep in mind that private party channels are only visible to its members, which in the time of creation is only you or the one who created the party. Meaning that new members cannot join the party unless you add them manually by /add command.

Multiple entry points for creating instant parties

You can now set more than one text channel (not just the lobby channel) as an entry point for creating an instant party channel, and of course with different configurations each.

To do so, simply select "Instant" as the party type of the channel where you want to enable the feature.

Comming soon: Text in voice channel support

Static voice party settings comparison

Just like the previous version, the new settings page allows you to freely assign text channels to automatically create parties when users connect to the voice channel, but this time with a much more intuitive interface.

Discord recently announced the "Text chat in voice channels feature", which is a great feature for SwarmBot to adopt, because you no longer have to make a separate text channel to correspond with each voice party channel.

Unfortunately, the initial version of this renewal still does not support this feature, and you cannot assign text chat in your voice channel as the place to create a party at. But I already started working to support this feature, and I'm looking to release an update very soon.

Thanks to the complete overhaul of the data structures, this kind of modification became easier than ever.

Refreshed look

SwarmBot logo comparison

Lastly, this is the new and the old design of SwarmBot's logo!

Instead of using a gradient of colors all over the place, it now uses more flat coloring. Also, the website now features dark background instead of white, making it easier for your eyes.

Thanks to all of your support, the number of SwarmBot servers has exceeded 150. I will continue to work on improving the content of SwarmBot, albeit slowly, so your continued support is much appreciated!

PS: If you speak languages aside of English, please help us translate SwarmBot to your language!