Basic Commands

Create a party.
Examples: /create Ranked platoon/create Ranked platoon 3
Break the party.
Examples: /break
Show the current status of the party like members and etc.
Examples: /status
Join the party in the current channel.
Examples: /join
Join the party waiting list in the current channel.
Examples: /queue
Leave the party.
Examples: /leave

Party Moderation Commands

Change the name of the party.
Examples: /name Casual game/name Battle arena
Change the party leader to yourself or a member mentioned.
Examples: /leader /leader @Mark
Change the party capacity.
Examples: /cap 2/cap 20
Temporarily close the party and block all newly joining users.
Examples: /close
Reopen the party and accept newly joining users.
Examples: /open
Move the entire party to a different empty party channel.
Examples: /move #party_2

Member Moderation Commands

Add a mentioned user to the party.
Examples: /add @Tommy
Kick a mentioned member from the party.
Examples: /kick @Mark
Shuffle the party members and give a sequential number to each.
Examples: /shuffle
Shuffle the party members and generate random groupings.
Examples: /group 4 3/group 2,2
Move all party members to the voice channel you are in right now.
Examples: /assemble

Other Commands

Show help message.
Examples: /help