Build your party members with SwarmBot

SwarmBot is a party member recruitment and management solution for your gaming/community Discord servers. Let your server members create their in-game parties and see all the current active parties in the server, with auto-role feature and temporal text channels.

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Features and Stats

  • Static party channels and lobby channel
  • Make temporal party channels by command or voice join
  • Auto-assign role to party members
  • Generate randomized groupings within party
  • Member capacity, queueing, add/kick members, and more!

Create a party and recruit members

Recruit your in-game party members by creating a party with the `/create` command. Parties can be created in any text channel designated.

Users can join a party with the `/join` command. Each time a party is updated, its status will be shown in the lobby channel so people can see all the active parties on the server.


Temporal party channels

You can also make a party in a temporal text channel that will disappear once the party is broken.

SwarmBot can also assign a party role (either existing or created on the fly) to the party members, so you can restrict the channel access to its members.


Voice channel magics!

Along with creating parties through text channels, you can also create and join parties through voice channels if configured.

Since the voice channel participants and party members are synchronized, it can not only prevent members from forgetting to leave the party, but can also be used simply as a record of voice channel entries and exits.


Waiting list when over capacity

When a party is full, newly joined members will be added to a waiting list.


Make random groupings on the fly

In the event you need to divide a party into teams, you can use the `/group` command to easily generate randomized groupings of any number of people.

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